Never divorce your husband not even when he becomes impotent – Counselor Charlotte Oduro urges wives

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According to Counselor Charlotte Oduro, one trait of a good wife is her ability to stay put to her husband even when he is or becomes impotent.

Where impotence is a man’s inability to have an erection or to plainly put it when the manhood of a man is dead. Counsellor Charlotte holds the view that marriage is a very long torturous journey, therefore, a woman should not abandon her husband when difficult times come; when he is or becomes impotent.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM said no situation should become a reason for a woman to decide to leave her marriage, not even when the man is impotent.

“If you want to marry, you need to understand what marriage is all about. Ask yourself will you be able to go through the storms in the marriage. Abeiku, everybody has got a storm in a marriage but the current generation women give up when the storm comes.

She will say the love is over; I don’t love him again all because the man’s money has finished. So, the foundation the woman brought to the marriage was based on money. When the money is not there anymore, there is a problem. But is the woman seeing beyond the issue?”

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She stressed that marriage is full of uncertainties and when your husband begins to perform poorly in bed, it does not mean as a woman, you have to leave the marriage. A good wife must stay and help her husband to RISE again.

“You can marry a man and for two years, he’s active in bed but an unfortunate thing could happen and he can’t perform well in bed again. Are you going to divorce him because he’s not performing? There is more to marriage than this. You stand with the man because you see beyond. You pray for him. You stand in every storm. Marriage is not all good,” she was quoted by peacefmonline

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