“Never Employ A Housemaid Who Has Huge Melons”–Marriage Counsellor, Bisi Adewale Advises Women

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A Nigerian marriage coach, Bisi Adewale has chronicled how a married woman can protect her husband from the clutches of her housemaid.

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Housemaids have become necessary because a couple normally get busy with their work, so much that they don’t get time to put the home in order and also take care of their children.

The housemaids thereby assume these roles for many of these couples who have the wherewithal to employ them.

They do so many things; from washing, to bathing the babies, doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning the house, and a whole lot of other things including buying foodstuff at the market.

These days, however, they have come under so much scrutiny because some men tend to find them a convenient way out of solving their libido issues, especially when the wives are away.

It has made it difficult to get a maid because some women do not trust them, and even if they get some, they put them under some serious surveillance to ensure they don’t go closer to their husbands.

They certainly can not do it all, so, the marriage coach Bisi Adewale has given them several strategies he thinks they could employ to protect their husbands from their housemaids.

According to Bisi Adewale, a woman should never employ the services of a full-breasted lady as her housemaid.

Given how some men are obsessed with breasts, it will be quite helpful if women avoid full-breasted housemaids as proposed by Bisi Adewale because it will pose some temptation to them most of the time, and given how fragile some men are, they just won’t be able to stay away.

He said this as part of many other strategies aimed at helping women save their marriages from the clutches of their housemaids.

Below is the list of strategies Bisi Adewale put together;


1: If your husband is a Hunter don’t get maid.

2: Don’t get a full-breasted housemaid.

3: If your husband starts defending the maid retire her.

4: Never employ a maid more beautiful than you.

5: Remember Hagar&Sarah.”

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