“Never Flex A Broke Girl, She’ll Think She Has Scammed You” –Singer May D

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

Guys would always clamour for ladies’ attention any day, and one of the things that get ladies attracted to guys is when the guys flex with them.

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Guys some times show what they have, and some of these materialistic ladies would always come around in the hope of siphoning a few currencies off them.

But in the thoughts of Nigerian singer May D, we can flex with girls that also have a little cash on them, but not broke girls, and he has his reason.

According to May D, one cannot flex a broke girl because they will think they have scammed you big time as they probably haven’t seen much money been spent on them before, or the expensive gifts you give them.

Unlike the big girls who know their way around, broke girls will feel they have scammed you of your money and belongings.

Flexing with a girl who sort of has money and has seen it all would see her stick around, unlike the broke girls who will disappear with the little you have spent on them because they haven’t seen such much money before.

When they feel they scammed you, the fear of coming closer to you would be there and that would make her stay away.

For May D if you want to flex any group of girls, it’s prudent staying clear of broke girls because they cannot be flexed.

He made this assertion via a post on his Instagram stories.

See it below;

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