“Never return to Ghana, not even my funeral” – Father warns son who’s studying in UK

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A Ghanaian father who has given up all hope for his country’s future has warned his son to leave Ghana forever.

In a phone conversation with TV3 Ghana’s Johnnie Hughes, the Ghanaian father who is clearly very invested in his son’s future said that he had warned his son against ever returning to the nation, even for a major celebration.

“I told him that anyone who will ever tell him to come down even for a funeral is a witch or wizard. He should stay there and marry a woman in that land and raise his children there,” he further mentioned.

The father finished by saying that he took this position because he saw little hope for the future of the nation.

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Below were some comments shared by social media users who listened to the angry father’s rants.

Daniel Dagodzo DagDan indicated:

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It’s always beautiful to stay legally in a country that helped you (by way of scholarship) and contribute to its development. You are only obliged to go back when your scholarship is from the Ghana government (have no idea how they get it though) If not, please feel free to make your choice. Anyway, a visit to GH isn’t bad at all.



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