Never Think Money Will Make You Happy, It Can Only Solve Your Problem Not Bring You Happiness – Eriata Ese

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Nigerian actress and former BB Naija star Eriata Ese has advised people to stop making a priority over happiness because money solves problems but it doesn’t bring happiness.

According to her in a post on her Instagram story siggted by, no matter how much money one acquires it can never be replaced with true happiness.

She explained that money will never make anyone fully happy because there will always be one thing that money can’t buy.

She wrote that; I write this message from the deepest part of my heart to you who needs to see this..

Do not ever think money will make you happy, it can only solve your problems. No matter how much you have; there will be one thing you will desire so badly but your money will and never buy it. While you are on a hot seat trying to make this money, don’t forget to be happy and appreciate every little thing you have pushed yourself to do.

Don’t ever let money be the reason why you are not happy”.

Read her full post below;

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