New ‘Beef’- Afia Schwarzenegger And Diamond Appiah Takes On Each Other Again.This Time, Real Hard!

It’s sometimes horrifying and astonishing when I come across certain things on social media,where some people we call our celebrities or mentors exhibit certain lifestyles.

These kind of feuds have been going on for sometime and it gets worse by each day. It’s either a quest for a title or whatever “they” may be fighting for.

Some of these feuds that I understand perfectly well, doesn’t only bring the names of those involved into the news for discussion but also,increases their revenue.One perfect example is the chase for the “King Of Dancehall” in Ghana. The three main artistes involved always stay relevant irrespective of what the other counterpart says. As a result,they get billed for shows and get richer by each passing day.

These days,it isn’t only the male celebrities who are involved in feuds but the ladies. Some few weeks ago,it was Diamond and Mzbel,now it’s Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond. Mzbel And Diamond’s Beef Takes A Different Trend…You Wont Believe what Diamond Did

Two beautiful and  strong ladies who are influential in our society to the extent that,most young ladies look up to them as mentors and inspiration. The use of abusive words by the two on social media recently is something i will describe as heartbreaking. What are young people who look up to them supposed to learn if truly,they see them as mentors?

Another thing that keeps lingering on my mind is If there aren’t any organizations in this country which sees to it that our “celebrities” who engage in certain things like these are brought to book or the issues settled amicably,since they are mentors?

The amazing thing about all this is,some are also aspiring to be leaders.Is this part of a leader’s characteristics? I personally think Afia and Diamond were not supposed to words like “prostitute”,”cheap”,”thief”,”ashawo”, “ofui”,”bitch”, “jerk”,”kwasia” and others on their social media pages.

See screenshots of a couple of their posts below:

diamond's screenshot


afia's screenshot

Some of our leaders in the creative arts industry should rise up and try putting a stop to such feuds before they get worse.

What do you think of this recent war of words between these two ”celebrities”?


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