New creature in the Lord: Former pono actor who has appeared in over 1,000 movies gives his life to Jesus Christ, now a pastor

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The man identified as Joshua Broome was an adult film star up until 2012 when he quit the ‘enjoyment industry’, citing emotional trauma for his decision.

A lady friend started taking him to church and that was when his life took a turn for the better after he surrendered his life to God.

He went ahead to study Biblical Theology and has become a pastor. He then married the lady who took him to church. They both have three sons now.

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Lad Bible shared his photo on their official Instagram page and gave graphic background about his story. The post read;

Joshua Broome filmed more than 1,000 X-rated movies under his old stage name ‘Rocco Reed’. However, after six years he decided to quit the industry in 2012 because it caused him a ‘tremendous amount of emotional trauma’, reports NY Post.

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In 2014 he came across his future wife, Hope, who he met at the gym. The pair decided to go for a run together and Broome was amazed how Hope refused to judge him for his past. After getting to know one another, Hope invited Broome to church, where he suddenly felt a ‘spiritual awakening’. Broome studied Biblical theology prior to marrying Hope in 2016. The couple now have three sons together.

Broome currently works as a pastor at the Good News Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and also teaches and preaches around the country.

Speaking out on the downsides of porn, he said: “It’s so harmful. You are saying it’s okay to consume a person like a product, and if you treat people like products every aspect of your life is going to be detrimental.”

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