Newly married lady discovers husband has no legs after their wedding, what she did next is surprising- Watch

A beautiful loved themed story has been shared online and for a moment it looks like a flick out of a Hollywood movie.

The true story is about a disabled man identified simply as Jado who hid his disability from the woman he intended to marry until she found out about the truth after they got married.

According to the content shared by Afrimax TV, Jado and his woman dated for two years before deciding to get married.

All this while, her beautiful bride has no idea that he’s disabled because he used artificial legs for his mobility.

Jado, who lost his legs in a bomb blast when he was a child, claimed he kept his condition from his wife out of fear she would reject him.

He told Afrimax that he kept his disability from his wife because the two women he dated in the past dumped him shortly after they knew he was disabled.

Bora, her beautiful bride said she was shocked when she learned her husband has no legs because he relied on prosthetics but had difficulty walking so she thought it was just a minor fracture.

When she found out about the fraud after their wedding, she got pissed but when he explained his reasons, she finally accepted him for who he is.

The couple recounted how the bride’s family advised her to end the marriage after they also learnt of Jado’s condition.

Watch the video for all the information;


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