Nick Canon Has Stated That He’s Not Responsible For The Divorce Between Amber and Khalifa

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By now, am sure you have heard of their love story  coming to an end. Yes, i am talking about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. The 30 year old who got married to Wiz Khalifa in 2013 has filed for a divorce.

Now, there have been rumours since the news of their divorce broke out, that Nick Canon,host of America’s Got Talent, who recently started managing Amber Rose, that he is the reason for the breakup. Nick has come out stating, that he is not the reason for their breakup and he had only found out just last week, from Amber’s relationship problems from his lawyers during contract negotiations with Amber.

Nick Canon is already going through his own divorce from singer, Mariah Carey and well, that’s one of the reasons why rumours broke out that, he was responsible for the breakup between Amber and Khalifa.


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