Nicki Minaj’s ‘Do We Have A Problem’ with Lil Baby makes waves, takes to Twitter to celebrate her fans

The rapper seized the moment to remind everyone she that is the best in the Hiphop sphere after the banging tune debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and made waves on other digital platforms despite being released almsot a fortnight ago.

Nicki herself showed proof of how the song is performing magic as it was No. 1 for Song Sales, No. 1 Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs, No. 1 rap songs, and No. 2 Hot 100 songs.

The rapper said her fans were unstoppable despite the new rules in place.

“Do y’all not understand how f***ing epic you are? They took off all these sales and look. Changed all the rules a few weeks ago chi… and look. I’ll go live to say a few things. Let’s start with how much I f**ng love you. So many songs couldn’t do this chi,” she said.

In a seperate tweet, she spar out, “Let’s start by saying: I don’t need to GO #1. I AM #1. There’s a difference.”

Nicki came in with another tweet saying her expectations for the song were lower than what her label believed it would reach.

“Yes the biggest collaborations & songs with the most radio play and play listing with the same rules couldn’t do it. You guys did it AFTER the rule change! A rap song. No sexual visuals. A rappy rap song. I thought it would be top15. Label said top5. #DoWeHaveAProblem,” she said in another tweet.

Meanwhile, the rapper also seems to believe that the rule changes each time she achieves a milestone is coincidental and unique to her.


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