NICKI Minaj’S false nail from MTV VMAS sold on eBay for $55,000

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According to reports, Nicki Minaj’s artificial nail, which is alleged to have been worn while singing at the MTV VMAs, was recently sold on eBay for a hefty sum. On September 7, eBay user taw1678 started the auction for the strange memorabilia item.

According to sources, the press-on nail has already sold for $55,000, though HipHopDX was unable to independently confirm the listing’s reality.

According to the item’s description, taw1678 obtained the nail while sitting in the front row of the VMA pit during Nicki’s much-discussed medley performance, and it flew off just before the start of her set.

“I was front row in the pit at the VMAs and Nicki’s acrylic nail fell off moments before she started to perform (her crew quickly glued on a replacement),” the seller wrote. “This nail was WORN by THE QUEEN NICKI!! Our phones were locked up during filming, however, I have included photos taken before and after the show to prove authenticity. Happy to provide any further evidence if desired.”

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