Nicki Minaj’s ‘Freaky Girl becomes fastest solo female rap song to accumulate 100 million streams on Spotify

Nicki Minaj has received yet another remarkable honour for her recently released smash single that was inspired by Rick James.

The Queen rapper’s “Super Freaky Girl” smashed the record for the fastest solo female rap song to reach 100 million Spotify streams on Saturday (September 17), according to numerous reports.

The new streaming milestone highlights Nicki Minaj’s enormous success since the track’s release last month, which also made history by debuting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

The explosive new song handed Nicki her first No. 1 success as a solo artist and the first solo female rap artist chart-topping debut since 1998.

The song “Super Freaky Girl” has gained popularity after its August 12 release, and Nicki Minaj confirmed this in a separate tweet on September 17. She said that the song’s extra remixes appear to have increased its already-surging streaming margins to over 20 million streams per week.

“5 weeks in?!?!!! Whoa!!!!! This is amazing you guys! Thank you!!!! The #QueenMix rlly BODIED!!!! GO STREAM!!!!!!,” Nicki tweeted.



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