Nicola Sturgeon Net Worth: How Much Does He Worth?

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Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon is a Scottish politician who has been the First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party since 2014. She holds both positions for the first time as a woman.

Sturgeon, who was raised in Ayrshire, graduated from the University of Glasgow’s school of law and practiced law there before being elected to the Scottish Parliament in 1999. She held the positions of shadow minister for law, health, and education for the SNP in turn.

She is the older of two daughters born to Robin Sturgeon, an electrician, and Joan Kerr Sturgeon, a dental nurse who was born on 28 September 1948[16]. NHS employee Gillian Sturgeon is her younger sister.

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Her paternal grandmother, Margaret Sturgeon, was from Ryhope in what is now the City of Sunderland; her family has some roots in North East England. At St. Paul’s Parish Church in 1943, her grandmother wed Robert Sturgeon, a gardener from Ayr, and the two eventually relocated to the southwest of Scotland.

Sturgeon was raised in a terraced council house in the towns of Prestwick and Dreghorn, which her parents had purchased under the right-to-buy program.

Nicola Sturgeon Net Worth: How Much Does He Worth?

The estimated net worth of Nicola Sturgeon is $2 million. She has been financially successful in her profession.

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Sturgeon’s income comes purely from her salary as an elected representative, unlike many politicians who have built up their own wealth through investments or commercial activities.

She must report her earnings and assets as a public employee in compliance with all applicable laws and rules.

According to the Scottish Parliament’s code of conduct, Sturgeon was expected to disclose her earnings and financial interests in 2020. According to her disclosure, she was paid £151,721, plus an additional £32,470, as First Minister of Scotland and a member of the Scottish Parliament.

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She did not disclose any additional income sources or large assets like real estate or investments.

In order to avoid conflicts of interest and preserve the public’s faith in the government, public employees in the United Kingdom are subject to stringent regulations on gifts, hospitality, and outside work.

It is therefore improbable that Sturgeon has amassed a sizable personal fortune while holding public service.


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