Nicole Axford; Who Is John Axford Wife?

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For some of us out here, we may never get popular; some of us will accomplish things that will make us popular. It could have been a lot different for Nicole Axford but her relationship with John Axford propelled her to popularity status.

For you and me, it is one of two things: Accomplish great things by yourself and get popular or associate with a more popular person.

This article, though,–make no mistake–is not about how you could get popular, but this is just a way of underlining the fact that Nicole Axford became popular when she married her husband, who made a name for himself in the MLB.

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If you are an MLB fanatic, you would have heard about the man nicknamed, “Ax Man.”

So who is John Axford wife, Nicole Axford?

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In this article, we tell you what we have gathered about her.

If there is anything that this website does best, it is the fact that we always give you the best information about whatever it is that you are searching for.

Today, we take you on a journey to discover who Nicole Axford is. Who is John Axford wife?

Nicole Axford Biography

As mentioned earlier, she became famous when she married her husband (More on Nicole Axford husband later on)

There is not much available about Nicole, John Axford wife.

Her background, i.e, childhood life, siblings, parents, birth date, education and career are all seemingly under wraps as an attempt to find all these proved futile for us.

Apparently, Nicole Axford is a very private person and the part of her life that we know, for now, is just the fact that she married John Axford, “Ax Man.”

Details about their wedding are not available to us but they did get married in 2009.

Well, not much is known about John Axford wife but a lot is certainly known about Nicole Axford husband. Who is John Axford?

John Axford

Nicole Axford

Since he is the subject of his wife’s popularity, it is only just cool that we delve into his life to see just why he is so popular to the extent that anyone closer to him grabs the headlines too.

Baseball pitcher John Berton Axford, often known for his stage moniker “Ax Man,” was born in Canada on April 1, 1983.

For the Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, and Los Angeles Dodgers, he has participated in Major League Baseball (MLB).

When Nicole Axford husband, John Axford earned the Rolaids Relief Man Award in 2011, he had the most saves in the National League.

John Axford graduated from Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in cinema and television.

Axford, a devoted moviegoer, used his Twitter account to predict all 18 of the 2014 Oscar winners as well as 14 out of the 15 winners of the 2013 Oscars.

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Axford chose 17 winners out of the 24 categories at the 2015 Oscars with success.

The yearly Milwaukee Film Festival includes Axford.

In his blistering professional MLB career, Nicole Axford husband, John Axford has played for some of the best baseball teams in the United States of America.

He has had stints at the likes of the New York Yankees where he started his professional career in 2006, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates, Colorado Rockies, Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, as well as Los Angeles Dodgers.

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