Nicole Tuck: Who is DJ Khaled wife

Who is Nicole Tuck

Nicole Tuck is the wife of world-renowned DJ Khaled. She was born in the United States on December 7, 1975, making her a Sagittarius. Although she has long served informally as her husband’s manager, not much is known about Nicole Tuck prior to her meeting DJ Khaled. It’s rumored that she comes from a wealthy family and has Palestinian and African ancestry.

The brother of Nicole Tuck is called Jonathan Tuck, and he is her only sibling. 

Nicole Tuck Education

Nicole Tuck is a student who excelled academically, as evidenced by her 2002 Marymount Manhattan College graduation and her subsequent completion of a Master of Business Administration at Fordham University, from which she received her degree in 2005.

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Nicole Tuck work

In 2011, Nicole Tuck founded her own business. Its name is ABU Apparel, and after a brief success, it failed.

ABU Apparel is actually short for one of the mantras that Nicole Tuck lives her life by, and it stands for “Always be You.”

She enlisted the aid of her well-known spouse soon after realizing her ambition and founding ABU Apparel. He was appointed as her company’s brand ambassador, which at first aided in soaring sales. The business had to close once the initial excitement died off and sales plummeted significantly.

Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled

Nicole Tuck: Who is DJ Khaled wife
Nicole Tuck: Who is DJ Khaled wife

Before DJ Khaled became a household name, the couple first connected in the 1990s, and they have been together for eleven years.

Nobody is exactly certain that the pair tied the knot soon after the birth of their son in 2016, but it happened. The wedding was held in secret, thus there are no media images or news headlines about it. Because DJ Khaled is so well-known on social media, fans are astonished.

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Asahd Tuck Khaled, the child of Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled, was born in 2016. In the couple’s social media posts, he frequently appears.

Khaled documented the entire process for his social media followers, from the moment she went into labor till Asahd was born.


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