Nigeria: Man Takes His Life After Sleeping With A 16 Year Old Girl Against Her Will

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A Lagos tenant identified as Kayode, has reportedly committed su!cide after his neighbour’s daughter accused him of r@ping her twice at their house in Oja-Amukoko area of Lagos State.

This occurred after the girl’s mother who had a stroke was taken to the Ikorodu area for treatment. Kayode was reportedly asked to take care of the victim but took advantage of her.

Punch reported that the girl’s father also alleged that Kayode seized his daughter’s phone to prevent her from informing her family members after r@ping her twice.

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He said “My daughter stays with her mother, as both of us are no longer together. My ex-wife had been suffering from a str@ke and from what we gathered, she had a neighbour, Kayode, who had been assisting to take care of her.

“But when my ex-wife’s sickness worsened, she was taken to Ikorodu for treatment and her daughter also followed her. As time went on, the neighbour had to go there to bring my daughter back to her mother’s house around Campus, Amukoko, so she could continue schooling.

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“But she suddenly left her mother’s place and came to my place on Ojo Road. She said she wanted to continue staying with me till her mother recovered. About 20 minutes after she came, Kayode also came to my place and started saying he knew my daughter’s behaviour better than I did.

“He said if she was no longer staying at her mother’s house, he would have to return her to her mother in Ikorodu since he was the one who brought her home. He also said she came to stay at my place because she wanted freedom to go out and that he never had any agreement with her mother that she would be staying with me.”

The girl’s father revealed that few days later, his ex-wife’s younger brother called him and asked him to go home and rescue his daughter.

He added “I quickly rushed there, but I didn’t meet her at home. I called my ex-wife’s younger brother and he said he would soon join me at the place.

“After a few minutes, I saw my daughter and she informed me that Kayode r@ped her.”

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