Nigerian actor and comedian Woli Arole organises 14 Days fasting and prayers program for Arsenal FC on the theme, ‘Take Away Our Shame’

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Following the same old story trailing Arsenal FC for decades now, one of their staunch supporters located in Nigeria, Woli Arole has started a vigorous 14-days fasting and prayer program to salvage the team from their doldrums. 

Per the poster the Nigerian comedian and actor shared to this effect, the program which revolves around the theme, ‘Take away our shame’ will start on August 23 and ends on September 5, 2021. The venue is Ori Oke in Ibadan, Nigeria with the comedian as host.

‘Treat this with URGENCY.
Tag an Arsenal fan you know.”

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Arsenal suffered another Premier League defeat on Sunday after goals from Romelu Lukaku and Reece James settled the London derby, days after new entrants Brentford handed the Gunners 2-0 defeat the previous week.

Meanwhile, a group of frustrated supporters surrounded the manager’s car to prevent him from leaving the club after they registered their second loss of the 2021-2022 campaign.

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Fans have made their stance on the situation clear, having booed their own players off the pitch at both the half-time and full-time whistle across the two weekends.

Some Arsenal fans have taken to social media to call for the head of the team’s manager: ‘Good on them, get Arteta out now,’ said one of them.

While others felt the fans were wrong to not only confront Arteta but to ask him to leave the club.

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One fan wrote: ‘I agree Arteta out but this is unacceptable how they have confronted him in his car’.

Another added: ‘What do they want him to do. He’s not good enough, so what? He’s not just going to quit. It’s the board, they’re the ones you should be harassing.’

While one supporter said: ‘Same embarrassing fans that wanted Wenger out after all he did for the club over the years.’


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