Nigerian Ashawo ladies take over Koforidua town with pride; dominate all their principal streets at night

The streets of Koforidua, the capital of the Eastern Region, have been taken over by a group of young women who are believed to be Nigerians.

An agency in Nigeria is allegedly trafficking these young women to Ghana in order to place them in well-paying employment.

They are all over the age of 16.

At night, they congregate at a brothel in one of Koforidua’s most well-known hangouts.

It is stated that they charge between GHC30 for a few hours and GHC300 for a full night in their clients’ homes or hotels.

Bula Spot and Little Ben shoe facilities have been used as brothels by sex traffickers to house their victims, as reported by Starr FM. The facilities’ proprietors rent them out to the sex traffickers.

Sexual intercourse is offered in exchange for cash by clients who force victims to sleep during the day and labor at night.

Located in the centre of Koforidua, these two brothels provide their customers with a wide range of sexual services, starting at Ghc30 for a single encounter.


As long as the client pays at least GHC300 and GHC50 for a bouncer who will monitor the victim’s whereabouts, the traffickers will allow her to be taken away by clients.

A reaction to this development was made by Christian Ofor, Eastern Regional Vice-Chairman of the Association of Nigerians.

He said one of the trafficked girls recently escaped but the Koforidua District Police Command failed to take her statement.

In the meantime, he is pleading with the Ghanaian police to bring the traffickers to justice and bring the girls back to their families.


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