Nigerian comedian Real Warri Pikin gifts mom new car, cash gift on her birthday

Warri Pikin recently orchestrated a truly unforgettable moment when she surprised her mother with an extraordinary birthday present.

Overflowing with joy, she unveiled a breathtaking brand-new Honda CR-V AWD car, adorned with elegant ribbons and accompanied by a vibrant array of balloons.

However, the surprises didn’t stop there. Real Warri Pikin went to a jewelry shop, where she handpicked a set of exquisite 18-karat gold jewelry adorned with mesmerizing diamonds. This stunning jewelry served as a tangible symbol of the immense love and appreciation she holds for her mother.

To elevate the occasion to new heights of specialness, Warri Pikin and her children joined their mother in a jubilant celebration.

They indulged in delectable cakes, shared laughter, and cherished heartfelt moments together. Amidst the festivities, they playfully covered their mother’s eyes and guided her outside the room, revealing the grand surprise—the magnificent car gift.

This heartfelt gesture from Real Warri Pikin truly ensured that her mother’s new year would be an indelible one. It serves as a testament to the profound bond and affection they share and a beautiful reminder of the transformative power of love and gratitude.


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