Nigerian doctor Lists Different Ways A Baby Can Suddenly D!e And Ways To Prevent It

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A Nigerian Medical doctor has taken to Twitter to reveal how babies can easily die if proper care is not taken.

According to the doctor, using pillows, blankets and duvet closer to a baby’s face can easily suffocate them.

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He explained that parents should not allow their babies to sleep in the same bed as them because it can make them die.

A baby can suddenly die, this is known as sudden infant death syndrome.

Don’t use pillows, blankets, duvets etc in your baby’s sleep area, and keep all those items away from your baby’s face.They should also not sleep on adult mattresses or sofas, only in their cribs”.

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DON’T place babies on their stomachs to sleep

Put them on their backs to sleep, this helps reduce the chances of Sudden infant death syndrome. Babies can be placed on their stomach when they are awake and playing and somebody is watching them.”

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