Nigerian Journalist Bemoans How Her Father Once Asked Her To Drink His Tea Under Duress Because Relatives Told Him Her Mother Poisoned It

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A Nigerian Journalist, Wana Udobang has bemoaned that she was nearly used as a sacrificial lamb by her father as he forced her to drink a purported poisoned tea.

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Nigerian Journalist, Wana Udobang

According to her, her father randomly just came to her and wanted to force her to drink the tea her mother had prepared for her father.

This was unlike her father, she added, as tea wasn’t always on her menu. She later found out the cause of her father’s action was that some relatives had told the dad the tea had been poisoned.

She goes on to say that memories are such a beautiful thing.

“I randomly always remember my father asking me to drink his tea under duress cos I didn’t exactly like tea as a child. Only to find out a few mins later that his relatives had told him my mother put poison in the tea. Memories are such a wonderful thing”, she twitted.

Apart from being a journalist, Wana Udobang is also a writer covering culture and art as well as an artist working at the intersection of poetry, performance, and film and has had her work featured on the likes of The Guardian, The Observer, BBC, and Al Jazeera.



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