Nigerian Lady, Ezenwanyi, Declares Her Children Will Never Have Anything To Do With Jesus Christ

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A Nigerian lady has emphatically stated that her children will have nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus Christ.

The lady, whose full name is Anita Adaobi Jeremiah Ezenwanyi it must be said, is a priestess and one won’t find it difficult to understand her assertion and resolve to prevent her children from having anything to do with Jesus Christ.

According to her, once any of her children reaches 10 years of age, she will simply just carry them to a waterway and cleanse them there, after which she will take them to her father’s shrine for further fortification.

Ezenwanyi made this known via a Facebook post where she wrote;

“My children will have nothing to do with the Savior of the entire World, similarly as Christians Claim.

Promptly my child gets to the age of 10, I will guarantee that I carry him to the waterway for legitimate purifying and filtration with the Gods.

I will take him to my late Father’s Shrine “Arobinagu” for him to see them and find a sense of contentment with her mom’s Ancestors.

It is currently my obligation to prepare him to cherish, regard and grasp these spirits since I have just seen his future”.

See screenshot below;

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