Nigerian Lady Fumes As Her Boyfriend Won A Bet Of 2M Naira And Gave Her Only 20k Naira

It is increasingly becoming apparent that people pour their hearts out when things don’t go the way they expect on social media platforms; Twitter topping the list.

Fairy Gbemie felt she deserved more than she was given
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In this latest twist, a Nigerian Lady has been fuming on Twitter because she thought she deserved more than her boyfriend, who won a bet of 2 Million Naira, had given her.

According to her, she was expecting an equal split of the bet money but ended up getting a paltry 20k Naira from that money.

Betting is a really difficult venture and the said lady probably isn’t in the know of how many times this boyfriend of hers had lost before getting fortunate this time around.

She went on to even tag all Nigerian men as annoying fellas.

“My boyfriend won 2 million from betting and gave me 20k instead of 1 million naira.. Nigeria men are annoying,” she fumed.

This will get people talking as the lady appears to be insinuating that she is entitled to the gains of her boyfriend’s bet win.

In any case, she should be thankful that her boyfriend had been thoughtful enough to have given her 20k  from that money.

The lady, known as Fairy Gbemie on Twitter, received several reactions from her outburst. Below are some of the funny comments that came in;

“Don’t mind him, break up with that dude. He doesn’t deserve you, Queen”, Jey_Rabbit wrote.

Lola Okunrin added; “Me personally, I can give my girlfriend 1million, she’s worth more though. Very supportive. So, there’s the probability he gave you what you are worth to him”.

@Singleman4lv quizzed; “Shey na your papa book game for me?”

Alex wrote; “Why you nor go win your own? Abi na crack ni? 20k isn’t it yeah, but 1m isn’t it either. I fit give you 100k to do 100k hair. But making sure that I use that money to make me more money is prioritized over you x100. If you like break up”.

Lee thinks that; “If na ur own brother win that kind money,una family go allow am give girl 1ml?are u not supposed to advise him to look for something to invest the money with ,the 20k could be prolly for u to Just hold and get something for the main time which he could still give you some later”.

How would you react to your girlfriend feeling so entitled to your bet money?

Share your comments with us!


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