Nigerian Lady proposes to her boyfriend in public, holds his legs after he refuses (video)

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If you have plans of proposing to your bae in public one of these days, maybe it’s time to rethink that plan, else you could be embarrassed like this young lady in this video unless of course, you are very very confident that the person won’t say NO to you.

In a new video that’s going viral on the internet, the moment a lady proposed to a guy in public and was blatantly rejected was captured on camera.

In a desperate move to get the young man to change his mind, the young lady is seen holding his legs and begging him to rescind his decision and accept her proposal.

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This girl must have been watching too many movies we guess.

Passersby and onlookers are also seen staring in awe at the situation while some of them confront the gentleman to ask that he stops embarrassing the lady and just take the ring from her.

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Another person can be heard, saying “you don f*ck am finish, you no wan marry am abi?”Watch the rather shocking video below:


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