Nigerian lady travels to Canada with Asoebi money from friends after she planned a fake wedding

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A Nigerian woman has allegedly pulled off a cunning scheme, deceiving her friends by staging a fake wedding and using the money they paid for her wedding attire to fund her trip to Canada.

This intriguing incident was brought to light by a tweet from @AkiMarlin on the popular social media platform, X (formerly known as Twitter), and has since captured the attention of many.

The tweet revealed that the lady had duped her friends into believing she was getting married, convincing them to purchase Asoebi (traditional wedding attire) and a hand fan for the event, for which they paid 50k and 10k respectively.

However, her friends soon discovered that the entire wedding was a fabrication when she mysteriously disappeared and was nowhere to be found at the designated location for the bridal shower. To everyone’s surprise, she had secretly flown off to Canada.

@AkiMarlin wrote, “A major wedding heist happened 🙆🏼‍♂️. This is so incredulous 😭😭 So this lady sold Asoebi to about 60 of her friends for 50k each &hand fan 10k. She gave bridal location at a hotel, some of her friends came there &she wasn’t there. Long story short she flew to Canada next day, there was actually no wedding. She’s a popular vendor around IMSU”

Netizens React 

The incident has sparked hilarious reactions online. Some of these reactions include:

A Facebook user wrote: “She did well. Just go and hustle. Come back for the wedding later. Wedding is Wedding irrespective of the duration.Ommmooo your brain 🧠🧠🧠 too sharp.Well done.Creative thinking”

@Cynthia Amaka: “Smart move. I will be the next to plan my own”

@jentle_jnnfr: One person get 60 friends and none of them confirm say she no dey marry.”

@Ngueren Akighir:” She has 60 friends? And they could pay that amount?Good then, make she carry go. She go send them wedding invite later🤣🤣”

@thefoodnetworknig: Damaging her integrity for a want is all on her..Make them organize petition to send to the Canadian Embassy! She go hear word!

@FunmiKolz: So no pictures of the couples or anything? They just handed 60k to her like that?

@UncleMohaz: She no drop pictures of wedding? Or invitation cards? And they sent money like that?

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