Nigerian man makes record as he sleeps with over 100 women so far in 2021 and brags about it

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A Nigerian man has bragged about sleeping with multiple women and his egoistic adventure has been brought to the fore by a lady who eavesdropped on his conversation with another guy.

The lady said she heard the guy bragging about his exploits with another guy in a beer parlour as the two of them themed their achievement on the number of girls they have slept with.

In her narration, she said one of the guys said he couldn’t get the actual figure of how many ladies he had laid but maintained that the number won’t be more than one hundred.

The lady therefore admonished people not to see having casual sex with multiple partners as something of an achievement because it is detrimental to the person(s) involved.

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She tweeted;

I sat next to these guys at a BBQ spot in my area and accidentally listened to them talk. One actually said he really can’t count how many women he has slept with this year then added that it can’t be more than 100. Some of you don’t know what you’re doing to yourselves.

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What ever be the reason or motives, multiple casual sex should never be something to brag about

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