Nigerian Man Praises His Girlfriend After She Used Money He Gave Her For Shawarma To Prepare Goat Meat Stew

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A lady who was given money for shawarma (you know how ladies love this delicacy) by her boyfriend surprised him by using the money to prepare goat stew for him instead.

This rare trait she exhibited which men largely interpret as ‘wife material’ has earned the praises of the guy who took to Twitter to announce this.

The guy who uses the Twitter ID @ekibyleo narrated how he gave his woman money for shawarma but she decided to use it to prepare goat meat stew for both of them.

Shawarma is a meat sandwich eaten by people in the Middle East. It is served in round Arabic bread with meat and vegetables, with some spice or sauce of choice, in it. Normally, the meat can either be lamb, beef, turkey, or chicken.

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