Nigerian man reveals a girl he loves dearly has shunned him after she saw him selling ‘pure water’ but never knew the company belongs to him (Watch)

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A man has revealed that a lady he loves dearly has dumped him after he saw him selling bags of sachet water aka pure water.

A video of the man briskly going about his activities in a flooded area has emerged with a background inscription detailing the story.

Per the explanation attached to the video, the girl did not know that the man owns the water company and that he was not working for anyone but himself.

“A girl I love saw this video and she stopped talking to me not knowing I own the company,” reads the inscription on the video originally shared on TikTok.

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In the video, the man was seen offloading bags of sachet water, apparently to supply to customers.

In other news, a man got exactly what he bargained for after he made a series of gestures poking fun at a lion caged in a zoo.

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The man was having all the fun and mocking the lion by teasing him with his fingers while other tourists filmed the process. The lion meanwhile got offended and decided to teach him a bitter lesson.

While he was still at it; teasing the lion by inserting his fingers inside the cage and running it across its face, the lion had its opportunity by grabbing his hands.

He started screaming but there was no way anyone could help him. He started pulling his fingers clutched into the savage mouth of the lion and with recourse to the wire mesh, he tried unsuccessfully to free himself.

Fortunately, he got away but we guess he lost a finger or two- something that will serve as a subtle reminder never to throw caution to the wind in his life again.

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