Nigerian Man Reveals How He Exchanged His Ex- Girlfriend’s Womb For 30 Million Naira Without Her Knowledge

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A heartless Nigerian man who wanted to be rich at all cost has taken to social media to reveal how he used his ex girlfriend’s womb in exchange of 30 million Naira.

According to him, his ex girlfriend has been married for over five years now without a child and the reason is that her womb has been sold to the devil.

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The man added that, in 2014, he took his ex girlfriend’s underwear to a fetish priest in Isale ake Abeokuta for money rituals.
The ritualist told him that all the future babies his ex girlfriend will give birth to has been exchanged for 30 million Naira.

As wicked as he is, he accepted the deal and broke up with his girlfriend without telling her about the evil thing he did.

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Unfortunately for her, she is still unaware of the fact that her inability to produce children was because of her wicked ex boyfriend.

Read the confession below;

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