Nigerian Man Reveals Why Men Mostly Die First In Marriages; Says It’s Because They Can’t Complain When Their Wives Frustrate Them

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There are more widows that there are widowers, it appears, and one finds it difficult to understand why men mostly die first leaving their wives behind in marriage.

It has always been a myth that everyone tries to understand, with several reasons being thrown out there every now and then.

A Nigerian man has perhaps given the most tangible reason why men mostly die in marriages before their wives.

According to him, women have the penchant to frustrate their husbands but they can’t complain because if they do, society will label them as weak and as such, they bottle it up and die slowly because they can’t speak out.

“Most women always frustrate their men in marriage..n the men can’t complain coz if they do..the society will consider them WEAK men.

So, most men bottle up and die slowly inside! A major reason men die earlier than women!” he wrote.

The Nigerian man said this in reply to a tweet from another Twitter user who asked why men mostly die before the wives.

“Why do men always die first in marriage,” he asked.

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