Nigerian man seizes the internet as he converts an old abandoned tortoise car into an expensive modern car

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A man has become a household name on the internet after the new lease of life he breathed into an old car.

Dozie Afam Kings as his name goes specialises in revamping abandoned vintage cars and selling them off.

A content creator who has heard fascinating tales about his exploits journeyed to his world to speak to him in an exclusive interview.

During the interaction, he revealed to him that he has been doing it for the past 9 years.

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The content creator, Samson Adeleke shared on LinkedIn, an old abandoned tortoise car that was being worked on by Dozie and how it was later transformed into an amazing finished product that will get any rich guy to spend money on it.

He explained that one man contacted him to rejuvenate the tortoise car for him having heard of his ingenuity.

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He explained that the major work was conducted around its upholstery, interior and exterior.

Samson Adeleke shared the post writing;

A young Nigerian Dozie Afam Kings specialised in revamping Vintage cars made in the 1980s. More than 20,000 vehicles end up abandoned by the road side or being recycled in an auto recycling yard, Nigerian born Afam Dozie , who lives in the city of Lagos state Nigeria , has for the past 9 years been employing his creative talents outside his university degree in revamping old abandoned cars, some as old as 50 years. #creative #recycling #nigeria #university #ecofriendlyproducts I pitch,shoot and edit 😀😀😀

Watch the video here

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