Nigerian man who is to interview a lady for a job, promises to remind her of the damning insult she gave him during BBN

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This world is a small place and sometimes, I wonder why people misbehave on Social media as if there’s no real world out there but we hope this story would help some people to learn not to just misbehave on Social media.

So a Nigerian man has shared a story of how one lady got under his skin on Twitter, by suggesting that, his dad raped his mom and that’s how he was conceived.

Interestingly the lady who said such painful words to him on Twitter is set to go for an interview for a job and its this man who would be interviewing her and he’s promised to remind her what she said to him on Twitter.

According to this man, when Erica was disqualified from the BBN 2020, he had made a post justifying why she deserved the disqualification only for this girl he knew from nowhere to come and drag him and his parents.

According to the guy, the lady said his “dad raped his mum before he was conceived and said he’s just a poor addict”. Well, in a now surprising twist of life’s event, the lady’s chances of getting a job depends on the guy and he’s said he’ll make sure he reminds her of the saga they had months ago.


He wrote in tweets,

Wow a Babe insulted my life here because of BBN and now I’ll be interviewing her for an internship position tomorrow. It isn’t just Twitter guys. I’ll tell her after the interview that This is the black lips poor boy on Twitter. It isn’t just Twitter folks. It was on the Night Erica was disqualified. Just saying she was rightly disqualified. She came from 50 TL away to tell me that my father raped my mum before I was conceived and I’ma poor drug addict with black lips
You don’t know me anywhere and you claim my dad raped my mum before I was conceived. To think I really cherish my parent that was the first time a Stanger will say something that really get under my skin.

Hmm, this is a very sad one. We hope we all can learn from this.

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