Nigerian parent tackles son over his dating life, quizzes why he’s been single for eight years [video]

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A young man has been faced with serious advice from his parents regarding his dating life as he hasn’t been seen with ladies as it should be.

The parents who are presumed to be Nigerians due to their dialect were captured on camera questioning their son for being single for long.

In the video that has surfaced on the gram, the parents expressed their worry because their son has been single for eight years and it’s obvious that they don’t understand.

According to him, the only time they saw him bring a woman was eight years ago as he brought the lady home for dinner and as the mother was serious enquiring why he’s been single the father also was throwing in his support.

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In their words, “For all these years you have not. I have no idea. Because only in my lifetime has he brought a girl to our family dinner.

Only one time. After that, I cannot draw a conclusion from that. I cannot. Yes he likes people from Nigeria, maybe he likes tall short, in between educated, I have no idea because it was only one incident, it was inconclusive.

“If one goes another one is supposed to come. You can’t tell me that you dated someone almost eight years ago, and from that time to now, there is nobody else that is worth bringing to family dinner. Something is wrong. Period!”

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