It seems, we have another Moesha here, who’s going viral for the wrong reasons. This Nigerian slay queen who is known as Simply Tacha on IG is trending on Social media after she revealed why she loves to date only married men.

According to her, married men don’t stress her and don’t f*ck the hell out of her, and won’t cheat too because they already have a wife.

Nigerian slayqueen
Simple Tacha, Popular Nigerian Slay Queen

Simply Tacha is one popular Nigerian Slay Queen who posts lots of n*des and twerking videos on IG.

She’s heard saying in the video:

Married men are less stress, they give us money without us asking, they don’t f**k the hell out of us and they can’t cheat on us because they already have a wife.

But you see the regular boyfriends, they are always broke and when they manage to give you the least 5k, they would want to hang your legs and f**K the hell out of you”

Watch the video below:

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  1. Nigeria Slay Queen 👑 please put in the beautiful head that what ever you do to day (dating married men) there is a pay back waiting for you in the future please my dear get ready to face problems (Good luck)


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