Nigeria: Student dies during marathon intercourse with girlfriend and now the GF is also gone after going into Coma

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A shocking news story from Nigeria is that one student known as Oromidayo Daniel has lost his life after engaging in a marathon sekz with his partner.

According to reports, he died after engaging in 11 rounds with the lady some claim is his sidechick who is in coma but new reports are suggesting that the lady has also passed on.

YabaleftOnline a Nigerian blog adds that the lovebirds, who are alleged students of the Ibadan Polytechnic, were found unconscious in their apartment on Monday, May 16. While Daniel was confirmed dead, his partner Aramide is said to have slipped into a coma and was rushed to the University Teaching Hospital.

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Sahara reporters also added that the lovers engaged in a sex romp after they came back from the campus on Monday.

“He is in my Faculty. Yesterday was supposed to be the day we start our examinations but the school was closed down. There was protest yesterday; so he and his girlfriend went back home. They drugged themselves and started having sex. The guy is dead now and the babe who is in a coma is at the University College Hospital”, a neighbor of the deceased said.

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Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports claim that the lovebirds took sex-enhancing medications and slumped after many rounds of sex, albeit the cause of Daniel’s death is yet unknown.

A video showing the moment his lifeless body was being whisked away from his apartment has been shared online. A voice recording of an alleged witness giving a detailed account of what allegedly transpired is also making the rounds online.

See below:

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