Nigerian woman takes child to river on her 5th birthday, says water gave her the kid

A Nigerian mother celebrated her daughter’s fifth birthday in a manner no one anticipated by taking her to a river.

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The woman and the young celebrant wore white clothing as she performed rites there, as seen in a video she posted on TikTok.

She carried certain fetish things, such as incense, and lighted candles in a dry area. Reactions to her video were conflicting.

The mother claimed that the water was the one who actually gave her a child in the comment area. She claimed that before realizing her true origins, her child nearly died shortly after birth.

She explained herself by saying;

“Until I took her somewhere &was told what to do, and I did, I as well went to water for her sake, my baby became okay automatically, life is a mystery. I almost lost this girl after her birth, I never knew that she was a dada child, I was busy combing her hair and she was busy planning to go back, until.”

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