Nigerians are making better music than Ghanaians — M3nsa

When compared to their Ghanaian counterparts, M3nsa Ansah, a Ghanaian musician, has admitted that Nigerian artists produce great music.

He attributes this to the fact that Nigerian songs have received international acclaim.

It is worth noting that this revelation comes with a movement that is advocating for a minimum of seventy percent airplay for local songs on Ghanaian media and at events.

“There is no doubt that Ghanaians and Nigerians are simultaneously producing superior music. Because they are investing more money and more time, they are unquestionably producing music of higher quality. I couldn’t help but say this.

While there is a growing awareness of the significance of the arts, there is also a growing appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit.

On JoyNews, he made the following statement: “So it’s not waiting for the government to do something; rather, it’s just like support, people investing a lot of money into creating music of world-class quality.”

Even though he acknowledged that there are a few artists who are treating their works more seriously, he expressed his disappointment that this was not sufficient.



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