‘Nigerians Are Nowhere Close To Us’- Papi of 5Fame Says

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Rapper Papi of 5five fame has sparked a new debate online by claiming although Nigerians are good artistically, they are nowhere close to Ghanaians. According to him, the lyrical content of Nigerian music cannot even match up to that of Ghanaian music.

Papi who has not been heard of for a very long time together with his other member that make up the music duo (we don’t even know if the group is now defunct) shared these views on Happy FM with DJ Advicer during a recent interview.

“I think the Nigerians are doing a beautiful job but they can’t match up to us,” he said. Apparently he made this known when he was explaining why the Nigerians have taken over the Ghanaian market with their music.

He believes that Nigerian music is dominating the Ghanaian market because they invest more heavily in their music than Ghanaians and receive more support from their people.
“In Ghana, you can do music and you can only hear people saying the song has this problem and that”, he noted.

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