Nigerians Attack Shatta Wale After Saying He Won’t Be Stunned If He Sees Wizkid Because He Does Not See Him As A Superstar

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Shatta Wale was quoted to have said in an interview that he does not see Wizkid as a superstar, so we should stop rating them. The story was also published on some Nigerian blogs and from what we’ve monitored here at some Nigerians didn’t take Shatta Wale’s comments likely and have poured out some harsh comments on Social media.

Someone said that the only Ghanaian musician he knows in Nigeria is Pataapa–Chale some of the comments weak me.

We’ve  added some of their distasteful comments below but before that, we’ve also added what Shatta Wale said in that interview below:

“Wizkid isn’t a superstar, stop rating Nigerian artistes high. I will not see Wizkid and be stunned, I rather want him to see me and be amazed because I don’t see anything extraordinary about him, even though he claims to the best African artiste…Ghanaians should respect themselves and stop rating Nigerian Artiste above us”

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Here are the comments from Nigerians on Social media:

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And then this Ghanaian sellout

There are more than 1000 comments on the post and we can’t add it all but in all of this, we can learn one thing. We need to let our music penetrate Nigeria more. Nigerians have the numbers so they always try to bully us but we won’t let them.

What’s worrying is the fact that, some of the insults some were not just directed at Shatta Wale but the whole country including our President—–Hmmmmm

So Team do you think Shatta Wale should have said that? What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in comments now.


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