Night Court Cast Names and Where They Are Now

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Night Court is an American television show that aired on NBC from 4 January 1984 to 31 May 1992. The night court cast was headed by a judge called Harold “Harry” T. Stone (Harry Anderson). The show was created by Reinhold Weege and ran for 9 seasons. If you are searching for more information about the Night Court cast and where they are currently, keep reading.

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Night Court Cast

The following are the actors who made it on the Night Court show.

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Harry Anderson


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Night Court Cast Names and Where They Are Now

Anderson played the role of Judge Harold “Harry” T. Stone. He was appointed by the outgoing mayor. He was the only one who answered the mayor’s call after a lot of applicants had already submitted for that position. After the show, Harry moved to New Orleans to start his own magic shop. He also opened a nightclub in 2005. He passed away at the age of 65 on 16 April 2018

John Larroquette
Night Court Cast Names and Where They Are Now
Larroquette played the role of Dan fielding. He is known as the sex-obsessed prosecutor who would do anything to satisfy his cravings. He is married to Elizabeth Ann Cookson and they are blessed with 3 children.
Markie Post
Night Court Cast Names and Where They Are Now
She played the role of Christine Sullivan, a public defender. Markie was not part of the first two seasons but her contribution was massive after her introduction to the show. She died at the age of 70 years after battling cancer for some time.
Richard Moll
Night Court Cast Names and Where They Are Now
Moll acted in the role of a bodyguard for the judge Harry. He has also featured in several movies like “metalstorm”, Kid Vs Monsters and Slay Belles.
Marsha Warfield
Night Court Cast Names and Where They Are Now
Warfield played the role of Rosalind Russell in the show. She was the third bailiff. Marsha was characterized as a tall, tough, taciturn, no-nonsense African-American woman.
Bumper Robinson
Night Court Cast Names and Where They Are Now
Robinson is an orphan who became Harry’s foster son. He is known as the Leon in the show.
Other Cast Members
  • Gail Strickland as Sheila Gardner
  • Paula Kelly as Liz Williams
  • Ellen Folley as billy young
  • Selma Diamond as Selma Hacker
  • Florence Halop as Florence Kleiner
  • Karen Austin as Lara Wagner
  • Mike Finneran as Art Fensterman
  • Martin Garner as Bernie
  • Terry Kiser as Al Craven
  • Jason Bernard as Judge Willard
  • Rita Taggart as Carla Bouvier
  • Bumper Robinson as Leon
  • Eugene Roche as Jack Sullivan
  • Yakov Smirnoff as Yakov Korolenko
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