Why Nikki Samonas Decided To Show Her Boobs Will Make You Laugh!

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It appears in Ghana, to get more and more popular as a female, sometimes you just have to flaunt it. There were several reports on blogs talking about the boobs of Ghanaian actress and tv presenter, Nikki Samonas.

The actress had worn a dress, that was sexually suggestive, displaying her almost naked firm breasts, that sit on her chest. In an interview on Peace Fm’s entertainment review show yesterdat, november 22nd, Nikki revealed to the host of the show, Akwasi Aboagye that, she had intentionally worn that dress to the 4syte music video awards just to get the necessary hype for free. Well, it did work for her, because almost every blogger was talking about the dress and her boobs, flashing the memories of Ghanaians, that there is a beautiful actress in Ghana called Nikki Samonas.


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She also mentioned that,as a celebrity you should do something to always feel relevant in the industry and that is what she did. She continued that she has been quiet in the industry for long and she needed to do something for Ghanaians to talk about her.

She further said that, she sometimes forget she is a Ghanaina because of her mixed race, and it’s immoral to show parts of your boobs in public, so Ghanaians should pardon her especially when the country is boring these days, so a bit of boobs exhibition is good to ease down the boredom in the country

Come on, i know you enjoyed watching them in as much as i did, she’s got it, so let her flaunt it! Nikki Samonas is one of the lead characters in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s latest web series, V-Republic which is showing on sparrow station, you should watch the episodes, you would love how she rocks it in the sex scenes.

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