Nimrod Mbai Arrest Scandal: Slapping Assault Charges

Kenya’s Kitui East Member of Parliament (MP), Nimrod Mbai, was arrested after allegedly hitting a Kenya Power employee. On Monday, July 3, the incident took place in Kitengela’s Acacia neighborhood in Kajiado County. When a video of the assault appeared online, it sparked outrage and calls for justice.

The assault allegations against Nimrod Mbai serve as a stark reminder of the value of transparency and the requirement that elected officials be held to the same standards as regular citizens.

Read this article to find out more about the incident.

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Nimrod Mbai Arrest

The Nimrod Mbai arrest controversy has shocked the nation and raised questions about the accountability and conduct of elected leaders.

The viral video shows Nimrod Mbai, the Kitui East MP, arguing angrily with Kenya Power representatives who had come to terminate illegal energy connections at his residence.

Mbai fiercely disagreed with their activities, resorted to physical aggression, insulted the officials, and intimidated them. He allegedly attempted to draw a gun and smacked one of the officers, which caused the situation to worsen.

The Kenya Power team had been reacting to local reports of low power and outages. Following an inquiry, they discovered an improper connection that led to a transformer overload that affected over 300 homes.

Mbai sought the provision of his belongings and threatened to disable the officials’ car despite the protocol of cutting off the illicit connection.


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