No billionaire can snatch your woman away from you if she truly loves you – Man says on social media

In the words of a tweep who uses the handle @Tweetoracle, no man can snatch a woman away from a man if the lady truly loves him.

He noted that a woman’s love supersedes all the wealth in the world hence there’s no billionaire who can woo a woman in a relationship if she’s genuinely into her man.

He tweeted:
“When a woman genuinely Loves you, even if you are poor, a billionaire can’t take her away from you”

As expected, netizens offered their reactions some of which we have shared below;

@Christo39016271 wrote,

“Most men don’t appreciate when someone loves them truly. They misbehave a lot because the girl won’t leave them easily”.


“This is life. You won’t know how much you love and care for someone until they’re away from you. Some are blinded by the fantasies in their head, wanting to believe that the next will be better than the present. This 21st century is sick and sad”.


“Is Self Discipline and Self Control that Keeps a woman not love. Love can be manipulated mostly in woman”.

See his post below:



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