Tuesday, December 1, 2020

‘No Ghanaian Rapper Raps Better Than I Do’ – Stay Jay Brags

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Bragging is a hip-hop culture and we are not surprised rapper Stay Jay has popped out from nowhere to brandish his ego here and there, suggesting that he’s the best rapper.

The Tema-based rapper, who shot to fame with his highly successful track, Shashe Wowo has come out from his hiatus to reclaim his lost glory.

Stay Jay produced lots of hit tracks before he literally evaporated into oblivion. Songs like Twaame Lala, Prepaid girl, Sue, My baby, Sa aba, which he produced almost a decade ago, still enjoy considerable airplay even now.

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Sharing his thought on today’s crop of rappers and why we haven;t heard from for such a long time, the rapper said he’s been working hard behind the scenes.

He said:

My first hit single Shashe Wowo is over 6 years old today and it still keeping me touring and showcasing Ghana around the world.

Even last month, it landed me a gig in Liberia at George Weah’s inauguration concert in Monrovia and this is what has kept Stay Jay for some time, and it enough to prove to Ghanaians we are still working.”

New rappers at this days comes out with a hit and it becomes a though battle for them to sustain within few months, not like our time that we were capable of dropping 10 consistent hit straight and it a clear to judge from Stay Jay’s history of release as compared to this rapper not like Sarkodie, who is still holding the game like never before.Some rappers simply aren’t truly passionate about rapping.”

Once things don’t seem to be happening quickly, they get burned out and fade into the sunset. If you want to make it as a rapper then you need to truly love the craft.

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