“No Hardworking Man Gives A Woman A 24hr Attention”-Actor Prince Eke Says

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

The Nigerian actor and director, Prince Eke has said that a man that gives his woman a 24hr attention is certainly not a hardworking man.

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For him, a hardworking man should be preoccupied with their work that giving a woman a 24hrs attention should be counted out as part of the things he does daily.

A lot of women do complain a lot about their husbands’ lack of attention for them, forgetting the fact that they have to work hard to bring food to the table.

The always terms out from the fact that some jobless lazy men always hang around their women because they have nothing doing.

Prince Eke, who has starred in several movies in Nollywood, made the claim via his Instagram stories.

A lot of men, I guess, would be fuming somewhat because there are those who give their women the needed attention whiles also doing well and so they cannot be considered as lazy.

He admonished ladies/women not to let the jobless men make them feel like their productive husbands who get so busy at work and do not get to spend any time with them, do not care about them.

By his insinuation, the jobless men will always be around to give people attention because they have nothing to do and not shouldn’t be any headache for them because hardworking men hardly get time to waste.

“No hardworking man gives his woman 24 hours attention, don’t let jobless people make you feel like your man doesn’t love you,” Prince Eke cautioned.

See the screenshot below;

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