“No ID, No MoMo cashout” – MTN Ghana roll out new directive today

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Starting from today, April 2, subscribers to MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) will need to provide a national identity card before a withdrawal can be approved.

MTN Ghana had earlier communicated that starting from today customers will need to provide a credible Nation ID that matches the registered name of the MoMo account before cashout transactions can go through.

This is a move by MTN to curb the high spate of MoMo fraud.

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For example, if you got registered onto the MoMo platform with the national ID of a friend, you will need to provide that ID before you can withdraw money from that account.

The ID you provide and the credentials must match that of the registered MoMo account. Or better still, you go get a national ID in your name and register for a new MoMo account.

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The Chief Executive of MobileMoney Limited at MTN Ghana, Eli Hini had the following to say following the implementation:

“Any agent who accepts an ID captured on phone or copied on paper will be sanctioned if found out,” he said.

“We are currently working with Bank of Ghana to put together agents registry, which will ensure that any agent sanctioned by one operator will also be blacklisted by the regulator and will not be able to work for any other operator.”

Accepted ID cards for withdrawing money:

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The ID card to be accepted are Ghana Card, Passport, Voter ID, Drivers license, SSNIT card, NHIS Card.

Mr Eliot Hini however indicated that although all these cards can be used for withdrawal, SSNIT cards and NHIS Card remain ineligible for SIM registration.


In situations where a customer cannot visit a merchant, be it health reasons, the wallet owner would be required to send a letter from the health facility directly to the MTN service centre (not agents) and include his ID and that of the appointed proxy.

Alternatively, the customers will be required to issue a letter to a designated person attached with his ID before a transaction can be performed on his behalf.




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