“No Matter How Fine You Are, Some Men Are Just Above Your League”—Pretty Woman Tells Ladies

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

Some supposed fine ladies of today usually carry themselves around as if they own the world just because they are beautiful and thereby go about undermining everybody because they think they are all interested in them.

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They often feel, by their demeanor that they are at par with every man out there.

To a pretty woman, who is apparently desirous of some of these ladies carrying themselves very well regardless of their beauty, they should know that some men are just above their league.

She believes that no matter how beautiful you think you are as a lady, you just not at par with some men of repute.

No matter how fine you are as a lady or what you have to offer, the truth is some men are way above your league and this isn’t an insult, it’s the truth,” she wrote on Twitter.

This is a great call for these supposed ladies to behave well but then again, it is the way men regard fine ladies that gives them the temerity to believe every man is in their league and so the can do anything around them that they so wish.

For some of these ladies, all they have is their beauty, that aside, there’s nothing else that they can boast of.

There are men out there who have lived life to the fullest and are very much regarded as such in society so it’s not proper that a lady just by merely being beautiful, to think that they are at par with such men.

See the screenshot below;

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