No Mercy For The Cripple: Thieves Steal Wheelchair Belonging To Disabled Woman Leaving Her In Tears

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Thieves stormed the house of a physically disabled Ugandan woman identified as Olivia Nakugudo and made away with her priceless possession, a wheelchair. 

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Aside from that, the thieves carted away a dozen of Nakugudo’s belongings, a situation that has left her almost traumatized.

“I have no legs, that wheelchair has been me legs, my children who entirely rely on me will not get food and other necessities anymore,” Nakugudo told a journalist.

Nakugudo’s sister-in-law, Zaina Nawaga said due to the theft, she was unable go to her workplace at Kyagalanyi coffee where she gets her daily bread

Nakugudo describes her missing wheelchair as black in color with spotted blue handles.

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