No one can stop me from mimicking Jesus’ works – Mmebusem

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Ever since Justice Hymns, professionally known as Mmebusem became the talk of Ghana kind courtesy his comedy skits which seek to mimic the works of Jesus, some born-again Christians and acclaimed pastors don’t want MMebusem to have his peace of mind.

To the best knowledge of the religious folks, they won’t allow Mmebusem to taint the good image and repute of the founder of Christianity in the name of comedy. Reason they want him to stop mimicking the works of Jesus.

Notable among such religious folks are Cindy Thompson, Pastor Brian, Jocelyn Dumas and a host of many others. But according to Mmebusem in a virtual interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central, no man born of a woman can stop him from mimicking the works of Jesus.

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Simply put, there’s no way he will heed to the counsel and attacks put forth by the religious folks especially those whose names have been cited above. In the voice of Mmebusem, his creative works are not anything evil in the sight of God, therefore, why listen to the voice of people and stop?

“I am not the first person to mimic the works of Jesus. You can talk about Robert Powell, Jim Caviezel, Diogo Morgado, et Al. So, no one can stop me except God in His own appointed time. But as far as I’m alive and the majority are interested in what I am doing, I don’t see why I should listen to these social media pastors and stop”, Mmebusem said.

So, there you have it. All those thinking Mmebusem will heed to the voice of the religious folks and stop mimicking the works of Jesus should dump their thinking as it won’t work. Thus, such thinking is synonymous to building castles in the air.

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