No one will support you unless they have a personal interest – A K Songstress

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A.K. Songstress, a huge singer in Ghana and the creator of the smash tune Jonathan, has low expectations of others, particularly when it comes to her job.

The performer told Abeiku Santana in an interview that working in the Ghanaian music industry has taught her many things, including not having high expectations of anybody in the business.

She claims that if you anticipate too much from other people, you will end up disappointed and hurt. The pearl of wisdom she dropped was that you can only attract customers if they can profit from working with you.

“Through my experiences, I’ve realised that no one will dedicate him or herself to supporting you unless the person has a personal interest in what you do. It could be money, some help or some shine.

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Aside from that, everything else rests with you, your God and your team but don’t expect…artists we collaborated with even refused to post the music so what else would you expect another person to do for you?

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“Expecting too much from people will leave you bitter and brokenhearted. Personally, I don’t really expect any individual (an artist or blogger) to support me so much. I appreciate everyone who has supported me but if you don’t support me, I don’t feel so disappointed,” she said.

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